Metro West Christian Academy

Domestic LED Project

Metro West Christian Academy

Metro West Christian Academy of Ashland, Massachusetts was seeking
a lighting solution partner for a complete lighting update in their Ashland,
Bellingham and Grafton locations. The existing lighting was high-wattage
and high-maintenance. Metro West sought to reduce energy and associated
maintenance costs while additionally improving controls, aesthetics and


  • Cut energy consumption by 60%
  • Cut maintenance expense by 90%
  • Improve illumination levels by 30%
  • Increase lighting in key security areas
  • Automate controls to provide additional savings
Metro West Christian Academy
Metro West Christian Academy Metro West Christian Academy


  • Complete LED retrofit and replacement
  • Install sensors for all exterior lighting
  • Automate controls in low occupancy areas such as offices and bathrooms
  • Add fixtures to increase low light level areas inside and outside of buildings


  • Energy consumption reduced by 63%
  • Maintenance expense reduced by 100%
  • Increased illumination by 78% inside
  • Added dimming and special control features
  • Dramatically improved lighting quality
Metro West Christian Academy

The Helios Energy™ Impact

10-year energy savings: $423,246

10-year maintenance savings: $44,039

Total 10-year savings:


63% reduction in CO2! Equivalent to removing 23 cars from the road per year, or not burning 12,321 gallons of gas!

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