The Simple Solution to Clean Energy Goals

Optimizing clean energy is a moving target in an ever-changing industry. Helios Energy™ cuts through the noise to help organizations reduce energy expenses, minimize CO2 footprint and drive profitability with a simple, streamlined process.

The Simple Solution to Clean Energy Goals

Our Process

We are a complete, end-to-end solutions and services company that helps our clients make sense of the complex world of clean energy and implement solutions that work. We guide clients through every step and remain with them after construction and implementation to ensure that goals are met and that their solutions remain optimized over time.

Our full-service process means we can audit your current energy consumption, define energy goals and implement clean energy solutions. Using solar energy, LED lighting and smart energy management solutions, Helios can help you reduce energy consumption, manage energy consumption and produce clean solar power.

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Our streamlined financing process makes affording clean energy easier than ever!


Client fills out an initial application and submits any supporting documentation.


Helios Energy™ reviews the submitted application and prepares various financial models to ensure project feasibility for the client and investor.


Helios Energy™ reviews the findings with the client and makes a recommendation on which financial structure and capital the investor should utilize.


Investor underwrites the financial instrument, and Helios Energy™ works with the client to clear any required conditions.


Helios Energy™ reviews the terms and conditions of the financing with the client and suggests any changes if necessary


Client signs the financial agreements.


Project is funded!

Why Finance?

  • Conserve Cash
  • Immediate Savings
  • Flexibility
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Off-Balance Sheet

Most Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects Never Happen

A recent Fortune 500 CFO poll indicated key barriers to adoption for energy efficiency initiatives:

Most Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects Never Happen

Let Helios Energy™ help you choose the right financing option today!