D1 Elite Athlete Training Center


D1 Elite Athlete Training Center

The D1 Elite Athlete Training Center location in Franklin, Tennessee was looking to substantially improve lighting levels for the indoor practice field and throughout the facility, lower lighting energy costs and eliminate associated maintenance expenses. Further, their goal was to improve safety in workout areas, raise exterior security lighting levels and increase illumination in the clinic and offices.

  • Cut energy consumption by 60+%
  • Cut maintenance expense by 90%
  • Improve practice area illumination
  • Enhance safety in the workout and training areas
  • Increase lighting levels in the parking lot, physical therapy clinic and offices
D1 Elite Athlete Training Center
D1 Elite Athlete Training Center D1 Elite Athlete Training Center

  • Complete LED retrofit and replacement
  • Install cutting edge, Cree LED High Bay fixtures with 10-year warranty
  • Replace high wattage/maintenance Metal Halide with efficient LED fixtures
  • Install LED exterior wall packs and high clarity LED lights in clinics/offices


  • Energy consumption reduced by 72%
  • Maintenance expense reduced by 95%
  • Dramatically improved lighting on practice field –133%
  • Upgraded lighting, increased clarity and illumination in the clinics/offices – 76%
  • Illumination up in parking area –210%
D1 Elite Athlete Training Center

The Helios Energy™ Impact

Athletes can now see the football on the training field!

10-year energy savings:


10-year maintenance savings:


Total 10-year savings:


72% reduction in CO2! Equivalent to removing 17.4 cares from the road per year!

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