CoLinx, LLC

Domestic LED Project

CoLinx, LLC

This project encompassed a 1 million square foot industrial high bay LED retrofit and a new construction installation within a 300,000 square foot add-on facility located in Crossville, Tennessee.


Execute, in a timely manner, a large-scale LED retrofit and installation without disrupting an exceptionally busy facility and business workflow. 

Need 1: Improve illumination for employee safety 

Need 2: Improve productivity and profitability 

Need 3: Install intrusion protection-rated fixtures 

Need 4: Produce energy savings

Need 5: Reduce maintenance cost

CoLinx, LLC


  • Retrofit 1,000,000 square foot Genesis Warehouse and Fulfilment Center. 1,367 LED High Bay Fixtures with Integral Motion Sensors installed in this warehouse along with 169 other fixtures.
  • Install a new 300,000 square foot Warehouse and Fulfilment Center. 487 LED High Bay Fixtures with Integral Motion Sensors Installed in this warehouse.
  • In total, 2,025 fixtures were installed between both facilities. For the High Bay Fixtures with integral motion sensors, we delivered a 52% energy reduction in comparison to the existing Fluorescent Linear High Bay fixtures with a simple payback of 2.5 years.
  • Average Foot Candles before the project – 7 Foot Candles
  • Average Foot Candles after the project – 44 Foot Candles
CoLinx, LLC
Details Table
Fixture Type FIxture Description Wattage / Efficiency Quantity
LED High Bay Fixture LED high bay fixture, 120 Degree optics, 100-277 Volts, 5,000 K, 80 CRI, Integral Motion Sensor. 150 watts, 190 Lumens Per Watt Efficiency, 28,500 Delivered Lumens 1,856
Details Table Mobile
Fixture Type LED High Bay Fixture
FIxture Description LED high bay fixture, 120 Degree optics, 100-277 Volts, 5,000 K, 80 CRI, Integral Motion Sensor.
Wattage / Efficiency 150 watts, 190 Lumens Per Watt Efficiency, 28,500 Delivered Lumens
Quantity 1,856

The Helios Energy™ Impact

542% improvement in delivered foot candles!

Enhanced safety and productivity, improved employee satisfaction and morale.

10-year energy savings –$1,560,192

10-year maintenance savings –$558,914

Total 10-year savings: $2,119,106.30

2,734,451 pounds of CO2 saved annually! This is equivalent to removing 262 cars from the road, or not burning 139,564 gallons of gas each year!

  • Project installation completed during an extremely challenging time of COVID-19
  • No onsite safety protocol violations and zero accidents throughout the installation
  • All products installed on time and on budget with zero change orders!
  • Maintenance supervisor lauded the Helios installation crew for cleanliness, safety, and quality of work!


"I have been at CoLinx for the last three facility wide lighting update projects. Based on previous experiences I was very apprehensive as to what to expect from the installation crew. Much to my surprise, they left each area as they entered them and never interfered with our production teams."
"We have had nothing but good experiences with Helios. No complaints. We are pleased with the look and the staff is thrilled with the added visibility across the facility."
"I feel safe entering and exiting every isle now”. This is obviously a result of the foot candle increase from an average of ~7 to an average of ~40 across the facility."

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