The Helios Energy™ Total Energy (TotalE™) Approach

By combining Energy Efficiency (EE) + Clean Energy (CE) projects into one integrated Total Energy (TotalE™) initiative, we'll help you reach your goals. Helios can help make your facility safer, cleaner and more efficient, all while maximizing financial value. Find out how today!

EE + CE = TotalE™



First, we help clients identify current consumption levels through our energy analysis and audit process



Next, we work with clients to implement a set of EE technologies to lower energy consumption by up to 50%



Then, we help clients explore CE options that are 'right-sized' for new, lower energy consumption levels

Drive energy consumption down then implement clean energy production.

What are energy efficient technologies?

What are energy efficient technologies?

  • LED Lighting
  • HVAC Solar Thermal
  • HVAC Controls
  • Smart Transformers
Energy Reduction Dollar Savings
LED Reduction 70% Monthly Savings $4,200
HVAC Controls Reduction 20% Monthly Savings $2,200
HVAC Thermal Reduction 45% Monthly Savings $3,960
Smart Transformer Reduction 12% Monthly Savings $1,397
Total Consumption Reduced 53% Total Monthly Savings $11,757

What are clean energy technologies?

What are clean energy technologies?

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Storage
  • EE Technologies can combine to reduce energy expenses by up to 53%
  • Solar, Wind, & Energy Storage Technologies may be feasible for the facility
  • CE options could include owner installed and operated systems, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), & purchase of off-site renewable energy at discounted rates
  • Combined CE options could further reduce energy expense by another 50+%!